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Fears Are Conquerable


Sponge, Aluminium Wire And Pipe, Wood,

Glue, Acrylic Colour, Clay, Modeling Paste

60*40*35 cm

This piece offers a reflection on the tenacity of our fears, and how they can manifest as seemingly insurmountable barriers in our lives. The sculpture features a human soul constrained by fear, struggling to break free from the constraints it has imposed upon itself. It serves as a powerful reminder that we are capable of rising above our limitations, gradually dismantling the physical and psychological shackles that bind us, and discovering the fullness of our true selves.

Crafted from a round piece of wood, the sculpture embodies the symbolism of the circle - a representation of wholeness and completeness. Sponges, known for their soft and malleable nature, are used to represent our fears. Though they may initially appear daunting, these fears can be shaped and overcome with time and persistence. As the sculpture progresses, the wires emerge as a testament to the power of our will, strong and flexible enough to bend any obstacle in our path. Ultimately, this piece serves as an inspiring reminder that with the courage to face our fears, and the fortitude to persevere in the face of adversity, we can achieve the freedom to be our most authentic selves, free from the constraints that once held us back.

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