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I’ll Take Back My Freedom


Isolation Panel, Wire, Cardboard, Pen, Clay

10*10*25 cm

This sculpture embodies a representation of a community in turmoil, seeking to attain lasting peace and prosperity. The base of the statue employs sturdy isolation panels, evoking the arduous path ahead, while an abundance of roots, depicted through rising and curling wires, symbolizes individuals determinedly surmounting obstacles to achieve enlightenment. At the sculpture's apex, a pen emerges, emblematic of the united community's tireless struggle and sacrificial labor to alter the course of their history and pen a new narrative of hope and progress.

This work of art is inspired by the plight of Iranian women, whose quest for freedom and human rights has been a constant battle. They yearn to sever the shackles that bind them to their roots and embrace a limitless horizon. It is imperative for all those who can lend their voice to speak up on behalf of these unseen and unheard women and girls.

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