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Black and White Observation


I ventured into a bustling supermarket with a singular purpose: to observe and apprehend people. My aim was to capture the diverse nuances of humanity and infuse them into my works. As I observed the throngs of shoppers walking around, I realized that I could not fathom what lay beneath their exteriors. They came from all walks of life, yet their emotions remained elusive. Were they truly living their lives to the fullest or merely existing? My insatiable desire to expand my perception of life urge me to delve deeper into the lives of individuals. I longed to connect with their souls and catch a glimpse of their innermost emotions. I yearn to see and learn more.



This site holds immense significance for me, as every object here represents a powerful concept. A painting of mine at the back is called: “A Woman’s Soul”, portrays the disintegration of a woman's soul due to the long-standing oppression and subjugation of women by those in power. Countless women have grown up with rules and restrictions that curtail their rights, big and small. It is incumbent upon those who have a voice to speak up for the countless women and girls who are neither seen nor heard.

The sculpture of a tree made of copper wires symbolizes a woman's strength, with its many roots and branches indicating a woman's ability to multitask and conceive numerous ideas. A woman's most potent asset lies in her ability to generate a plethora of thoughts and ideas that the world may not always witness.

The tree is positioned on another of my paintings, "Loneliness is Valuable," which espouses the idea that solitude can be beneficial in aiding self-discovery and self-evaluation. Loneliness, much like a mirror, allows us to reflect on ourselves, and by limiting our world, we can uncover and appreciate our true potential.


This scene also includes a mirror, which serves as a powerful metaphor for the role of art in reflecting reality. Just as mirrors do not lie and reflect the truth, art has the same capacity to enlighten us and provide us with a better understanding of the outside world. The reflection of books in the mirror reinforces the idea that we must read, study, and learn every day to acquire knowledge and appreciate the events that shaped the world we live in today.You can see the reflection of books in the mirror which shows we need to read, study, and learn every day to have a better life, to know what happened in the past that built the world in which we are living in today. The books are knowledge that we cannot live without.

Finally, I have included a section of the symphony, "Epic of Khorramshahr," which depicts the consequences of war and the struggles of those who fought to reclaim their land. The symphony by Majid Entezami showcases the effects of colonialism and war, which can be extended to all corners of the globe. It represents courage, bravery, and self-sacrifice, qualities that all human beings should aspire to possess.


In conclusion, this site and the objects within it represent numerous critical concepts that shape my worldviews, including women's empowerment, self-reflection, the pursuit of knowledge, and the fight for justice and equality. Without them, I would be a meaningless, voiceless entity, devoid of substance and purpose.

My Happy Place | OCAD U.


The Story Of A Delay

 Based on my real-life experience to show time passing

The Story Of A Delay.jpg

Recently, I went to a late-night movie, the movie start time was 9:30 pm and it was 3 hours and 15 minutes long. It was 9:26 pm, I was thinking to myself that, it is a long time to be sitting in one place and waiting for a motivation, for a happy or sad ending. Then, instantly I was taken back and remembered a personal story, a story which is now just a memory that I cherish. I had to wait two years and one month just for a letter that gives me the right to be with my husband again, 25 months just to hold my husband’s hand, 25 months of sleeping alone, eating alone, even shopping alone (even though he hates shopping). After years of living in another part of the world, we decided to start a new life in Canada; his country, a new beginning, but this beginning lasted longer than Naruto; Japanese animation series. He was in Toronto, and I was in Dubai. I felt that all our lives have been frozen in time, everyday was static, slow, and dull just waiting for a response, my life was in transit, I could not make any plans in view of the fact that at any moment I had to leave, but I could not leave because, I was waiting for that moment to come. That period of our life was in a loop that had no beginning or end. It did not matter what I did to keep myself busy, in my mind I was stuck in a hamster wheel and trust me, I tried to be busy, I took classes, worked out, travelled, and made new friends and lost old friend, I experienced loss of family members. I was around close people to me who I loved and adored yet felt completely alone and could not share my grief with my partner. We lost so much time, we lost birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, new years, even the damn 2018 world Cup. It seems silly, but at that moment it meant the entire world to me, to be able to celebrate and cheer with my husband. Time was stretching and it was pulling me apart.

In the midst of all this waiting and longing; suddenly, when least expected the approval came through and out of nowhere, it seemed that I do not have time to do anything anymore, no time to say goodbye to my parents, my friends and my favorite places, I was waiting to pack my belongings for 25 months, but when I had to leave I did not know what to take with me, so now time was running like a cheetah and I could not catch up, it was a very mysterious feeling, I was happy that I was going to see my partner, but anxious about what was happening in the world: Covid-19. Countries were closing their borders and flights were getting canceled, I was in the middle of my past which was so slow and the new future that was coming towards me too fast. I felt like exploding within. finally, I was on the plane, in my seat and waiting 14 hours to reach my new destination, it was the fastest 14 hours of my life and I could not believe whether it is a dream or reality. I landed in Toronto, the next day all the borders were closed, I was in a time loop to another reality. It was 9:27pm, the movie had not started yet, but in a blink of an eye, I went back in time, all these moments went through my head, I felt sad, depressed, lonely then hopeful, joyful and grateful, it is as if space and time do not exist externally.

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