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2022 | 2023

Harmony is a story told through the very walls that surround us, radiating emotions and serving as a metaphor for the energy and values we give and receive from our surroundings. The desires, hopes, and ambitions that drive us to the excitements and even negative thoughts that challenge us, the colors, artworks, antique chandeliers, wall clocks, and endless candles adorning these walls all contribute to the meaningful environments we desire. For it is within these surroundings that we find balance and harmony.


As we bring these walls to life, we are infused with vitality, and their colors reflect our changing moods and emotions. Some days, the walls may appear dark and gray as we grapple with challenging feelings, while other days, they burst with bright, vibrant hues as we celebrate life's joys. This interplay of light and shadow, of highs and lows, is the essence of balance and harmony. It is not a static state, but one that shifts and changes with the events, actions, and emotions that fill our lives.


In the end, we strive to find our center, to discover tranquility and calmness amidst the chaos of everyday existence. And it is through our surroundings, and the harmony they provide, that we can achieve this essential goal. So let us embrace the story of harmony, as it is writ large upon the walls of our lives, and find the peace and purpose we seek.

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